Note to Self: SRSLY WANT

Lawrence Ashmore: Four Seasons

available in CD format only.
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I’m always reminded why adding other people’s music libraries to my own is a pain in the ass — not all information is filled in and that often means I have to go hunting it down. Of course, adding my personal library to someone else’s is also a pain in the ass — it doesn’t matter if all the information is filled in on my computer — not all of the information is transferred, and it makes me ashamed to give music files with missing data.


Sketch for possible illustration - kittyqueen of the coral castle


Sketch for possible illustration - kittyqueen of the coral castle


"Catfish" © Vivien Wu

Thank you so much for your responses and appreciation to this post! Prints are available on my Etsy as well as my Society 6 shop. 

Looking forward to doing more on this series soon :3

Tea Forte List

Caramel Nougat (Noir)
Chocolate Rose (Noir)
Coconut Chocolate Truffle
Hazelnut Truffle
Peach Brulee (Noir)

African Solstice
Apricot Amaretto
Blueberry Merlot
Coco Truffle
Crimson Nectar
Peach Jubilee
Raspberry Brulee
Raspberry Nectar
Wildberry Hibiscus

Being in the lounge at a late hour with a floor mate makes me wonder if he’s trying to take it over with all the sighs and whatever he’s making. I don’t know this person. I just know he most likely resides somewhere in the building.

I am kind of pleased with myself because I interrupted a certain someone’s make out session with her new boy to ask her if she was coming back to the dorm. It amuses me greatly.

I also took a brief run in heels through a foot of snow. It was fun.

It just kind of bugs me how there is no silence anywhere on this floor. The footballers are always running about, some girl has been talking to her friend in the shower for quite some time now, there’s someone pounding down the halls, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears sometimes, it’s not quiet. Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop.

But then there is the silence that I did not ask for.

Reminder for self

Freddy chases girls down an empty block.

Reminders for Self

Panic at the Disco - 10/8
The KickDrums?
Lucia Maria (Romanian 2013 album release)
Circadian Eyes (EP- Rain)
The Last Days (Post Rock)
When the Clouds (Post Rock)
Orsten - fleur blanche
Soley - (Alb. theatre island / we drown)
Fabrizio Paterlini (instrumental-piano)
The Polar Dream (P.R.)
Saltillo - (P.R. Menton J. Matthews)
Stars of the Lid (P.R.)
Smoke City (Latin? Multilingual)

scatological poem :3

The swiftest shit that was ever shat
Was a shit done in three seconds flat.

"And now, my friends, I address you all, tonight, as you truly are: wizards, mermaids, travelers adventurers, magicians. Come and dream with me."
Hugo (2011)

I have to keep this…


 totes classy.